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Dr Phil's 14 Day Diet Reviews

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Did anybody catch this windbag on Dateline, pitching this new diet book? Dr. Phil is a nauseating know-it-all who is clever enough to rake in more millions with this diet book. I give him credit for being a millionaire while possessing almost no talent. The question that begs to be answered is this: Phil weighs 240 pounds, as he admitted . Who is HE to foist off his opinions on diet when he is quite obviously overweight himself? Hell-o, America, wake up to this hypocritical creep!


I'm glad to see that someone else finds 'Dr. Phil' as annoying, and condescending as I do! By my definition, he doesn't look so good himself. He came off with that crap about how satisfied he was with his own physique. If I looked like him I wouldn't be satisfied with myself. He claims that he's running five miles per day and weight training, etc. If he IS working out that vigorously, he's taking in a WHOLE LOT of calories each day to remain as pudgy as he is currently. Admittedly, I'm no fitness magazine cover model myself, but I'm not getting on national TV talking about how happening my body is and how everyone else needs to get it together--using the weight loss techniques outlined in MY overpriced book.


He has a very high opinion of himself, especially since he is real southern trailor trash, a real hillbilly. I saw him on television and he is all slumped over with a big big beer belly hanging over his belt. And he knows all about dieting ???


Due to the above reviews we do not recomend Dr Phil's Rapid Start Program . If you want to lose weight quickly and safely use...

Get Lean Quick 14 Day Diet

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