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How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

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If you want to lose (loose) weight and keep it off, you need to follow certain guidelines every day, for the rest of your life (or until you are told by your doctor not to):

1. Calculate total calories based upon what you will weigh *after* you have lost all your weight.

2. Drink 6 oz of water per pound of weight. If you weigh 150 lb, multiply that by 0.6 and you need to drink 96 ounces of water a day. That's a little over 1-1/2 quarts. And that is outside of what you drink while you exercise.

3. Perform the aerobics of your choice out for 45-60 minutes a day at a level whereby you work up a sweat, and stay sweaty.That means getting your heart rate up there and keep it up there. And don't forget to warm up and cool down before and after you work out.

4. Lift weights at a level where you can feel "the burn." Rule of thumb ... if you can do 12 reps, the weight is too light, and if you cannot do 8 reps, the weight is too heavy.

And one more thing ... think body fat, not pounds. If you cannot afford calipers, a tape measure is fine.

If you do all of these, you'll lose all the weight you want, and keep it off.

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