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Quicktrim Questions and Answers

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Cybergeneics Quicktrim Weight Loss Supplements and Program

Q. What can I eat if I'm a vegetarian?

A. If you do not eat red meat, cheese, or milk you can still alter your food intake to lose weight.. For vegans who eat no animal products at all, substitute lite tofu and beans as protein sources. You need not become a vegetarian to follow the Quick Trim plan and we recommend you don't start while on the plan.

Q. Can I vary the menu plans that are provided with the Quick Trim product?

A. Keeping your meals simple and limiting the number of food choices makes it easier to follow the Quick Trim plan and allows all three parts of the program to work more synergistically. It is best to stay as close as possible to the designed menu. Each day counts towards your goal. Teaching your body to release weight from day one allows for maximum weight loss.

Q. What kinds of seasonings can I use for my foods?

A. Use fresh and dried herbs, spices and seasonings for extra flavor. They are low in sodium or sodium and fat-free. Avoid all seasonings which are in the form of a "salt" such as garlic salt. Use fresh garlic or garlic powder instead.

Q. What do I do if I miss taking one or two capsules or tablets during the program?

A. Immediately resume taking them as instructed on the label. Do not double up on any formula. Try to follow the daily schedule as closely as possible.

Q. As a woman, I'd like to know what kind of exercises strengthen bones?

A. Activities which are weight bearing benefit bone health by encouraging calcium deposition. These activities include tennis, aerobics, walking, dancing, soccer and weight lifting.

Q. As a woman, I am concerned about getting enough calcium for my bones. If I don't eat dairy or dairy products will I get enough calcium?

A. It is extremely important for women to obtain enough calcium. To ensure you obtain optimal amounts, include calcium rich food such as broccoli and leafy greens in your diet. Many of Cybergenics Quick Trim products also contain additional calcium in an easily absorbable form.

Q. Is your Quicktrim Weight Loss Supplement Better Than Trim Spa?

A. While we are not claiming that, we have many customers tell us - "Quicktrim is the best product I have ever tried, and I have tryed them all".

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Click Here For More Information On
Cybergeneics Quicktrim Weight Loss Supplements and Program

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